Dont ask for permision to learn

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Asking for permission is the wrong way to learn something. I used to make this mistake by asking people if I should learn X language or X framework, but I have learned that this is not actually the best way to live life.

Most people get into IT, specifically programming, because they want to learn and are interested in how computers work. Fulfilling yourself and learning about computers was fun, and you were willing to learn without anyone telling you that you should learn.

If you constantly ask people if you should learn X, you are doing it wrong. You might learn X, but you won't be happy using it. If you learn it because you are genuinely curious, you will learn more and be able to use what you learn in more places throughout your programming career.

When you are learning on your own, learning is fun, and you will want to seek more information, learn more, and become a smarter person. Forcing yourself to learn something will not only make the learning process boring but also not motivate you to learn more about that item in the future.

Say you want to learn Go, but you don't know if you should learn it. If you can't convince yourself to learn it, then learning it won't be exciting. You can still do research on a topic and learn if it's actually interesting to you, but if you don't want to learn it, don't. You won't actually learn anything by forcing yourself to learn something you don't want to.